Wall mounted UV-C air steriliser

Defender UV-C safe air steriliser units are available in 72W & 144W versions

Air Marshal Defender - UV-C Air Disinfection / Steriliser


> Wall mounted airflow sterilisation function with UV-C light

Can be used in constantly occupied rooms and recommended for use in service-providing facilities (hair and beauty salons), health care facilities, hotels, restaurants, public administration, educational and care facilities, as well as for private use.

> Can be fitted with a HEPA filter.


Air Marshal’s product range has been expanded with new DEFENDER UV-C wall mounted air sterilisation units.

These devices are an ideal, economical and aesthetic solution to the problem of air disinfection in constantly occupied rooms; such as reception areas, treatment rooms, canteens, etc.

Using forced circulation, air passes through the bottom of the unit and up through the interior of the lamp, where it is exposed to UV-C light and sterilised, before pushed out as clean air at the top.

Shielded UV-C light does not escape from the unit, so it can be used in rooms where it can safely and effectively disinfect the air in the presence of people, allowing them to carry-on with their work. This method allows for eliminating harmful microbes from 160 to 200 m3 of air per hour.

DEFENDER UV-C units can be wall mounted and connected with a plug or wired directly into a fused switched spur socket.

Options are available of the 72W and 144W versions with lamp usage counter, adjustable fan speed and free standing foot plate.

air marshal sentinel-flow

Air flow sterilisation function

Thanks to forced circulation, the air passes through the interior of the lamp, where it is exposed and disinfected, and then pushed out. Shielded UV-C light does not escape from the lamp, so it can be used in rooms where it is necessary to safely and effectively disinfect the air in the presence of people.

Efficiency and safety of use is a priority 

The design of the luminaire interior ensures perfect air flow and the highest level of disinfection efficiency. The Defender luminaire is equipped with protection against opening. Removing the top cover requires a hex key.

Defender luminaires are available with a 3-metre power cord and without a cord (the so-called investment version).


Airflow disinfection function

Supply voltage: 220-240V 50/60Hz

UV-C wavelength: 253.7 nm

Body: steel, powder coated in white

Light source lifespan (UV-C): 9000 h

Ingress protection class: IP20

Maximum area (cubic capacity) of a room to be flow

disinfected is approx. 75 m3

Dust filter

Compartment for a HEPA filter

Very low weight: ~ 3 – 3,5 kg


Air Marshal UV-C-Defender- Air Disinfection Unit
VersionPowerLife of UV-C lamp PlugCable LengthSwitchProtection ClassSupply VoltageWeight (kg)Order Code
Wall-mounted (with cord)72W9000hUK 13A3m+I220-240V3.5AMD72C
Wall-mounted (with cord)144W9000hUK 13A3m+I220-240V3.5AMD144C