UV-C Air Sterilisation Panel 600 x 600mm 72W

Fits in conventional 600 x 600 panels.

Sentry ivc air sterilisation panel


Recommended for use in service-providing facilities (hair and beauty salons), health care facilities, hotels, restaurants, public administration, higher education and care facilities, as well as for private use. Extra care must be taken to avoid accidental direct exposure to UV-C light.

> Air flow disinfection function with using UV-C light 

> Air Marshal offer a full lighting design service including energy/carbon savings and ROI calculations.

The Air Marshal product range now features the ceiling mounted SENTRY UV-C airflow sterilisation luminaires. These deliver an economical and aesthetic solution for constantly occupied rooms whilst installed in the ceiling. 

Sentry ceiling UV-C units allow for safe air sterilisation of occupied rooms, whilst being installed ‘out of the way’ in or on the ceiling of a room.

Using forced circulation, air passes through the unit and across the lamp, where it is exposed to UV-C light and disinfected, before pushed out as clean air.

Shielded UV-C light does not escape from the unit, so it can be used in rooms where it can safely and effectively disinfect the air in the presence of people, allowing them to carry-on with their work.  

Air flow disinfection function

The luminaire is equipped with two fans (intake and exhaust), each providing a 120 m3/h flow rate. Thanks to stimulated circulation, the air passes through luminaire interior, where it is exposed to the light and disinfected, and then pushed outside. The shielded UV-C light does not escape to the outside of the luminaire, so it can be used in rooms where it is necessary to safely and effectively disinfect the air in the presence of people.


Supply voltage: 220-240V 50/60Hz

UV-C wavelength: 253.7nm

Body colour: matt white

Light source lifespan (UV-C): 9000 h

Ingress protection class: IP20

Maximum area (cubic capacity) of a room to be flow 
disinfected is approx. 30 m2 (~ 90 m3)

Class of protection against electric shock: I


sentry uv-c led panel dimensions
VersionPowerLife of Lamp (h)ColourDimensionsClassSupply VoltageMountingOrder Code
Sentry Flush Mounted72W9000Matt White595 x 595I220-240 VFlushAMSTYFL72
Sentry Surface Mounted72W9000Matt White595 x 595I220-240 VSurfaceAMSTYSUR72
Sentry Suspended72W9000Matt White595 x 595I220-240 VSuspendedAMSTYSUS72