The Covid Pandemic has been a strategic infection control challenge amongst UK businesses, and specifically care homes. The sector has been playing catch-up since Covid-19 first took hold. There is no doubt that immediate, acute challenges remain for the sector, alongside the requirement to protect robustly against future diseases. Put simply, another 2020 is unthinkable.

Countering the airborne spread of disease

Laura Harding owns Glenfields Care Home in Driffield, East Yorkshire. Laura recently invested in approximately 10 Sentinel sterilisation units for the site. She comments:

“I knew about the effectiveness of UV-C as a Covid deterrent because we also run Care Quality Commission approved designated scheme settings where we have been regularly using UV lights.”

“We have now installed air-sterilisation units across our Glenfield site, it’s a small price to pay for the safety and well-being of our residents. We’re obviously addressing an immediate challenge but the investment has been made for the long- term – we want to be as protected as possible.”

Put simply, these sterilisation units suck air in and expose the air to UV-C light which disinfects it before it is pushed out as clean air. The real benefit of these Covid-busting devices is that they can be used at the same time as rooms are occupied.

The virus responsible for Covid-19 is spread in three main ways: via contaminated surfaces; via small droplets from speaking or coughing; and transmission by aerosols – the inhalation of invisible particles exhaled by an infected person.

The point about long-term investment is key. UV sterilisation units will work against any new Covid strains. These units are equally effective in sterilising air from more regular winter cold and flu bugs, along with diseases such as C.Diff. Consider also the rising cases of antibiotic resistance. The UK Government’s website states that “failure to address the problem of antibiotic resistance could result in an estimated 10 million deaths globally by 2050.”

Sterilising rooms and surfaces between residents

In addition to the Sentinel Air Sterilisation units, Laura has also introduced the use of a high powered sterilisation unit, which is used to sterilise all surfaces in a room in minutes when it is unoccupied.

“I call it my Covid Killer” says Laura,“It has proved vital in sterilising rooms between residents especially when we have had a positive case.”